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Your Authentic Italian Local Store

Welcome to Apulia Gastronomia, your go-to destination in Bloor West Village for authentic Italian fare, including handmade fresh pasta, imported grocery essentials, and homemade dishes.

At Apulia Gastronomia, we're deeply committed to the passion and quality of Italy, embracing its rich culture and culinary traditions. Our menu is a heartfelt homage to the soul-warming dishes crafted by our nonna with boundless love, passion, and dedication.


With each dish at Apulia Gastronomia, we honour the art of slow cooking and scratch-made cuisine, using only authentic Italian ingredients or locally sourced alternatives. We aim to preserve our Italian heritage while sharing its flavours with everyone. Join us in savouring the taste of tradition at Apulia Gastronomia.



Only the Best

At Apulia Gastronomia, we believe that everyone deserves access to exceptional food made with premium ingredients.

Our mission is to bring the flavors of Italy, particularly our beloved Puglia, to Bloor West Village and surrounding areas. We celebrate Italian culinary traditions and culture through our high-quality, homemade-style dishes.

Using only the finest Italian or locally sourced ingredients such as extra virgin olive oil from Puglia, San Marzano tomatoes, flours from Puglia, and locally sourced Mennonite meat, we ensure that each dish reflects our commitment to quality.

Our values extend beyond the kitchen; we are dedicated to giving back to the community, adopting eco-friendly practices, and serving great food with a warm welcome.


We invite everyone to visit Apulia Gastronomia and discover something delicious today.

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